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Mommy Planner

Mommy Planner

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The perfect solution to plan your day as a Mother! After just having our first child, I searched for something like this to be able to keep up with my busy day as a new Mom. Since I couldn't find one I liked, I decided to make my own!

In this planner, you can write down important things about your baby, but also about yourself. When my child was born, everything revolved around him, and that is amazing, but I forgot about me. We also have needs as Moms to be aware of in order to be healthy enough so we can take care of our babies. And a good way to do that is to be able to write it down, to be aware for example how many glasses of water I am drinking (to see if it's enough), how I feel, since postpartum depression can happen without realizing it, and if we write it down we can keep up with everything at the end of the week. We can see if there have been more days with good emotions than sad. I also find it helpful to write the most beautiful moments of each day.

Also, this planner will serve you when you go to the pediatrician and they ask you daily things about the baby, such as how many feedings does he have a day, if he has enough dirty diapers etc.

This year you deserve to treat yourself with a beautiful daily planner or even give one as a creative gift! Just like adding plants to your home or office, this planner will give a natural touch that brings warmth.

There's plenty of space to write down everything you need to get done in a day! Also, you can add your daily water intake and even your workout plan.

Size - 6 x 8 inches. Includes 50 pages (2 and a half months)

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