Have some questions?

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.


What is the cost of shipping, and why?

Flat rate shipping is $3.95 for anywhere inside the continental United States and is available for any shipment under 3 pounds. This flat rate shipping generally takes between 6-10 business days.

For faster shipping of shipments weighing under 3 pounds, we also offer priority shipping for $8.90, which generally takes less than 2-4 business days. Sometimes they are taking a bit longer with the pandemic at hand.

All orders over $50 will receive free shipping!

Many customers ask why we charge these amounts, and our answer is simple: We charge exactly what is charged to us. We never add any additional fees for shipping.

We use a shipping company that guarantees on time delivery and allows you to track both shipment options. We chose this company for their fantastic service, because how they treat our customers matters to us.

If USPS damages the product we will send you another one no questions asked.

We would love to offer shipping at a lower cost, and we are always looking for options to provide the best possible delivery service. As the business grows and we begin to get discounted rates from our shipping service, we will always pass this savings onto you. It’s our promise to you.