Lucía Duque

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

My favorite time of year is fall.

After the exhausting heat of summer comes the joy of feeling the cool breeze and the rays of sunshine flooding through my studio. The leaves of the trees fall like raindrops in our yard, making me believe at times that I'm seeing movie scenes in my daily life.

Autumn invites me to begin again, that feeling of starting a new stage of life, but this year is different. It is full of uncertainty, fear, loss and sadness revolving around the world. Of loneliness, of brokenness, of so many things happening so close and so far from us. I could fall into hopelessness and negative thoughts, letting them nest in my mind and creating thorns in my heart. It is a daily fight.

I don't know about you, but my mind tends to lean towards thoughts that steal my peace.

Instead of enjoying what I have in the present moment. Without realizing it, I usually run away from gratitude, from the good things that are happening now. I tend to focus on what I would like to be, what isn't going the way I want it to, what I still don't have or what I've lost.

I know that great things don't have to happen to start having a habit of daily gratitude because being grateful in the small parts of our daily routine is like a caress to my heavy heart: my favorite flavor of tea in the morning, the smell of the roses in my garden, the pleasure of sleeping between clean sheets or the feeling of peace in the silence of my home while I am reading a book. I am so lucky and it is sad that my own haze of complaint so often doesn't allow me to see it.

Last night I didn't get much sleep. Rio's teeth are coming in so I guess that's why he usually wakes up a lot during the night. This morning I woke up sulking. When I'm tired, my bad mood clouds everything. But this little human being, so innocent, when he woke up he brought his face close to mine and he stared at me for a while babbling in his baby language. So I started singing our morning song that my husband made up when Rio was only days old: "My buddy's really happy in the morning, My buddy's really happy, he's really really happy ... my buddy's really happy in the mooooooorniiiingg" and little by little, my child began to smile. That changed everything. The fog lifted, my bad mood was gone, and Rio and I had a lovely morning together.

Those are the moments in life that make the ordinary, extraordinary moments.

It's so nice to be aware of those moments and instead of focusing so heavily on the negative, to see those positive rays of light that twinkle on gray days and above all to be grateful. That is my proposal for this fall, will you join me?

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