Lucia Duque was born in the cradle of a family of Colombian artists. Due to the violent circumstances of the country, her family moved to Malaga, Spain when she was only four years old. Their her grandmother and artisan painter Lucia Goodman visited the family for a few years and taught her brush strokes for the first time. However, for the large part of her artistic journey she was self-taught, visiting museums and seeing works such as Sebastian Salgado with whom she learned the value of transmitting social injustices.

At 20 years old she moved to Madrid to study mural painting at “La Palma” fine arts school discovering the muralist movement at the beginning of the 20th century and understanding the importance of art in society through Diego Rivera and Alfaro Siqueiros. Also, thanks to Frida Kahlo, she learned the value of sincerity in painting.

During the last couple years Lucia has presented her paintings in exhibition halls and national museums (Malaga, Seville, Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona). Her works can be found in private collections in the United States and Europe. She’s also organized collective exhibitions of social character like “United for Freedom” against sex trafficking.

With the recent refugee crisis, Lucia felt challenged to visit the island of Lesbos in Greece. Since then she’s found herself in a phase of experimentation, focusing on illustration and portraits preparing for her next collection.