How To Create Beautiful Environments In Your Home

There are so many things in our day to day routine that affect our state of mind without us realizing: the weather, economic pressures, personal relationships, work situations, etc. Most of them we can’t control but …

Did you know that the design of the place where you spend most of your day directly affects your emotions without you realizing it?

Therefore, here's 6 tips that will help you create an environment where you can feel better emotionally. These are things you can control!

1. Natural decorative elements.

Nature relaxes us. Maybe it's the sound of the birds, the smell of the flowers, or the breeze caressing the skin. They are experiences that are almost totally suppressed in our daily routines. Therefore, using natural decorative elements makes your mind, unconsciously, evoke these sensations.

For example: a vase with flowers, a pot, images with floral motifs, leaves, birds, etc. Incorporating decorations like these that reflect your style is a great way to create a unique and completely personal space.

2. Use materials that help you connect with nature

Everybody is incredibly unique, you just have to find the materials that suit your style and personality. Wooden furniture, cotton or linen curtains, shells, tree trunks, etc. these are just some examples.

You may even like rustic or refined materials. There are endless possibilities! It helps me a lot to look on Pinterest, because there I can find a thousand simple and beautiful decoration ideas.

3. The color green

Scientists call it: "the green effect". Following a series of experiments, they realized that this color encourages creativity in people who have been exposed to it. Take this into account when choosing certain decorative items.

You can add plants or green decorations (for example, cushions, blankets, etc.) to create your environment, according to your tastes and preferences.

4. Something personal

Put a picture of a trip you've done or an object that brings back good memories of an experience you've lived.

This will bring pleasant emotions of enriching experiences when you see those places again and again.

5. Use a piece that you created yourself

This really helps to increase your self-esteem. For example: a drawing, a painting, a piece of furniture restored by you, some cushions or a framed poem of yours.

And if you are not very good at this creative area, you have surely received a diploma or award that makes you feel proud.

6. Walls that bring character to the room

The color of the walls can affect your emotional health. We spend most of our lives between walls around us: at home, in the office, in a hotel, in a restaurant, etc. Spaces with light tones are serene, inspiring, bring light and soften the atmosphere. Spaces with dark tones are rich, elegant, and welcoming. It is important to know the amount of natural light and how you can use each space before choosing a paint color.

Above all you have to create a space that reflects your character and who you are. The space should convey a bit of your history and personality.

I've been married for 2 and a half years and in April I'll move for the fourth time! So crazy, right? These tips have helped me a lot. It doesn't matter if I am living in a house for a short period of time or long term. For me, it's very important to make it my home, my refuge. The same thing happens with my place of work when I'm designing or painting in the workshop.

After reading this, are you ready to decorate?

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