Perseverance: an artist’s best friend

Lucía Duque ABO​​​​​UT STORE BLOG CONTACT Perseverance: our best friend Share0 Tweet0 “Artists don’t get down to work until the pain of working is overcome by the pain of not working.” Stephen DeStaeblerThis phrase describes my artistic life very well lately. Being pregnant, although I feel super excited about it, has also led me to […]

10 Acrylic Tips

Lucía Duque ABO​​​​​UT STORE BLOG CONTACT 10 Acrylic Tips Share0 Tweet0 I started painting with acrylic in my teens. The main reason was because in comparison with oil, it’s a lot cheaper. Although my parents encouraged me completely in my vocation as an artist, they didn’t have the necessary resources so that I could buy […]

Handle with care, dreams inside

Lucía Duque ABO​​​​​UT STORE BLOG CONTACT Handle with care, they contain dreams Share0 Tweet0 Wherever we go we have embedded in our hearts bits of experiences of our past. When I think of Malaga, the city where I grew up, there are three things that quickly appear in my mind: the sensation of my feet […]


Lucía Duque ABO​​​​​UT STORE BLOG CONTACT Anxiety Share0 Tweet0 It showed up, suddenly and without warning. Or so I believed in that moment. I was surrounded by a haze that blurred all the areas of my life. Eating was an ordeal because there was so much anguish in my stomach that it filled everything. I […]

Footprints: Halina

Lucía Duque ABO​​​​​UT STORE BLOG CONTACT Footprints: Halina Share0 Tweet0 Every idea has consequences. And our culture is full of ideas that we have acquired over generations, some have been born from the depths of our family, passed down from parents to children, others, by political and religious ideologies implanted from power, etc. What we […]